About MINE


DSC_0497The (MINE) mission is to provide a nurturing, home-like educational environment for the very young wherein they are encouraged and supported to do the important lifework of becoming a fully developed, whole person who is mindful of individual, environmental, and community responsibilities.

Montessori Infant Nido Environment is a year round, organic Montessori school for children ages 6 weeks through 6 years.

The “Nido” from the Italian word for “nest”, is how Maria Montessori described the infant environment. At MINE, we strive to create classrooms that are home-like with lovely, natural wooden and cloth materials, child-sized wooden furniture, clean surfaces, organic cotton sheets and blankets, soft soothing music, and magnificent plants in order for children to feel safe, cared for, loved and challenged in their ideal home away from home, their Nido.

Each classroom is spacious to encourage freedom of movement. Beautiful Montessori materials developed to entice the sense of wonder innate in children while meeting their developmental needs in the areas of movement, language, motor skills, and independence fill each classroom. Teachers at MINE are certified with Montessori credentials. Each teacher carefully observes the children and matches the classroom materials to encourage their developmental progress based on Montessori training and the latest child development research.  As did Maria Montessori, MINE teachers “follow the child”.

Maria Montessori said “the land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth”. In the same spirit, the importance of environmental consciousness and responsibility is woven into the children’s seed-to-table experience of MINE. The children have daily opportunities to participate in gardening, harvesting and preparing the local organic and vegetarian meals and snacks that they enjoy at school. Children benefit from a positive relationship with nature and a loving relationship not only with each other but other living creatures. Isla, the school dog attends MINE each day for the children to enjoy and love.*

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. Parents are a vital part of the MINE community. MINE provides various ways in which the child’s home and school environments come together. Parents play an important supportive role to the development and independence of their children. Mothers are welcome anytime during the day to breastfeed their child . MINE is developing Montessori prenatal classes and parenting classes, various nutrition and cooking classes for children and families, parent support groups, parent-child nights and other family opportunities. MINE teachers give two conferences each year and are available to parents during other needed times. Parents are welcomed to observe and participate in their children’s education at MINE.

It is important for the development of children’s self-esteem to know their place in a community, to understand what they can offer their community, and to engage in responsibility to others. To this end children’s work at MINE promotes meditation, multicultural respect, human rights and conflict resolution as ways to integrate peace within their lives, families, classroom and broader communities.


*Montessori Infant Nido Environment, in its current facility cannot implement the seed-to-table curriculum to the full extent. Nor can Isla attend MINE in the current facility. MINE is pursuing a more permanent location in which the various programs associated with MINE are possible to implement. More to come on the specifics.

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